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I can create custom art 

for your home or workplace



Barbara H. Hart, Artist


Barbara grew up in the Island Nation of New Zealand, amidst Alps, Lakes and never far from the ocean.  Art was her passion growing up, with many drawings and paintings kept within various sketch books.  It has remained a major part of her life throughout careers as a Graphic Artist & Illustrator, Architectural & Interior Designer, and as a Teacher.  

She has created many commissions for private and commercial installations, (large & small) across the nation as well as internationally, and has shown work in Galleries in several States.  An avid traveller she has lived in 8 different States and several countries. 


Barbara is proficient in Watercolour, Acrylics & Oils, and enjoys representational art to abstract genres… from landscapes to figurative creations. 


                                          “Art is Freedom to create images and objects from 

                            visualisation or reality, with no stringent boundaries.” bhh

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